We’re very proud of our collection of over 600+ labels rivaling those anywhere in the Hill Country! On WEDNESDAYS we have WINE SPECIALS. Come share a glass on us!

On average, we generally carry over:

180 Cabernets, 50-100 Sauvignon Blancs, 150 Zinfandels, and over 150 various Reds, Californians and Italians. 75 Merlots and over 40 Beringers, Opuses, and Pinot Noirs. We have over 50 Petite Sirahs, Sirah-Shirazes and around 45 Chardonays, White Zinfandels, Ports and Desserts, and Pinot Grigios. For those fancier occasions we carry over 40 Champagnes and Sparkling Wines!

Our wine selection

“WHEW — that’s always a mouthful!”

Bear with us, we’re always countin’ to see who really drank what from the past few parties!

Just CALL and we’ll pull something special from the Wine Room and hold it for your arrival tonight. Heck…we even have a great beer chilled for your horses!